Fetish is a fine art at Mile High Dungeon

Constructing an intimate bdsm scenario involves a great deal of creativity, awareness, intuition, and skill. Besides being a wonderful therapeutic modality which facilitates what Domina Elle refers to as 'adult play therapy'; allowing the subject to experience a form of escapism and stress relief, she also sees it as a form of spontaneous performance art.

"When I am playing I get very excited and often inspired, and depending on what the boundaries are in a particular scenario I may end up using the moment in my photography or video. I love creating media from kinky scenarios for my own artistic pleasure. My submissive is my canvas and the situation is my muse so to speak. It's not just about the physical sensations and activities involved, it is also about the emotional and psychological process that the person is experiencing at your hands. Domination truly is an art form where the mediums we work in are sensation, flesh, emotion and intelligence. I love taking things to the next level, going deeper into that creative zone."

Some of Domina Elle's photography:

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